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The past few months/half-a-year have been poorly documented on my part. Sure I've kept some groceries receipts, some Public Transit passes and a business card or two have added themselves to my wallet. But thats about it. I did manage to snap a few pictures in my down time, but no scribbled-in-agenda, no attempt at a paper diary, and no blog posts to be seen.

And yet it has been a time with loads of change for me. I chose to live on the down low, pulled back from how and with whom I was living before. I just needed a little time for myself. Hoping I haven't shunned a few people to no repair... because of my careless, disappearing act, kind of ways.

But, I figured since I'm coming around again, a generally recap of whats been going on on my side, just a mere couple of cities away, may be in order.

Living in a hostile and dangerous area, where the cabs don't enter and the sun don't shine...

Of course not! Knowing me and my lack of self defense skills I migrated to a calm neighbourhood, between two of the main streets, and hip culturally diverse quarters (the likes of Little Italy and Koreatown). In a cosy little room in a great big cosy house with some sweet-as roommates. My bed mate eventually moved out. I can't say I miss being woken up in the middle of the night to a cat-pounce and maulings out of ''affection''.

(Bed mate being a Cat, incase I left room for doubt in my wording)

My lovely ever shifting diet comprised of Cakes and noodles and 고구마 and fruit was quite eclectic, but happily received by my stomach. Don't worry, if I cook for you, I'll stick to a safe french toast. I make a good french toast.

As for means of monetary compensation, a.k.a. a job, I've been working in a quaint bakery. Hence the abundance of pies and cakes I have consumed. Such artistry to baking and cake-making I wish I could attain.

Why they chose to put the tourtiere making in the hands of a non cook/baker is beyond me, but here are my little meat pies:)

But that's all about to change. With a few days left of food prep and serving customers, and a few days to relaaaax and do the christmas thing with my restricted family (sister being the only one living semi-close to me), I'll be packing up and heading back. To take on school again and whatever else is thrown my way.

I'm legit worried, borderline scared. The transition back is bound to be shakie.
On verra bien.

p.s. the sporadic chronology of this blog having huge empty spot for months at a time, may be weird, but Id figure Id leave the past on here anyway. I was content with my anecdotes at the time, so why should present-me be a bully to past-me and take them down..?


[ __ ]However,

due to unfortunate circumstances and conflicting schedules, I won't be able to attend. Oh cruel world ! *sigh*


[sew] Cropped blouse for my sister

(drafted the pattern and sewed it up)



[ __ ]


[ __ ]

Packed bags.
I am out of here.



Thinking of food -> Make a "circulaire d'épicerie" animation.


[people] Norwegian Wood S/S 2011

Its been out and about for a bit already (the spring/summer line), but nevertheless, here are some pictures from the Norwegian Wood photoshoot (Round 1).

[images are click-able for larger view]

(love the fluorescent pink bolo!)

(although potentially providing an awesome back drop, it was decided that the building wasn't the safest place to shoot, in case it were to cave in)

(lots of climbing and decending the steep dusty slope. This can be done fashionably, as demonstrated by Angie's "strike-a-pose" technique.)

Model: Eurika
Photographer: April Lea
Styling: Raji Sohal / Angie Johnson
Norwegian Wood - Angie Johnson

Behind-the-scenes-photos-taker /dust-avoiding-outdoor-clothing-rack /intern: me

[sew] Pants for Class

In need of ironing. They have yet to be graded (in the scholastic-mark sense). I'm not a size ten, thus the belted and loose-isity of the garment. Also the flat butt, I could blame it on poorly sewn darts, but alas, its more a question of genetics im afraid.

[ ___ ]Jurassic Park

when Skyping with mi hermana, the buses passing by her house sound like dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. She didn't understand the why every 10 minutes an expression of uneasiness and caution crept over my face.


[ __ ] When winter break may have been a little too long

“I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay home with you. I want to play with my friends. And play with my toys. And read my books. And swing my swing. Please may I stay home with you?”