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[people] Norwegian Wood S/S 2011

Its been out and about for a bit already (the spring/summer line), but nevertheless, here are some pictures from the Norwegian Wood photoshoot (Round 1).

[images are click-able for larger view]

(love the fluorescent pink bolo!)

(although potentially providing an awesome back drop, it was decided that the building wasn't the safest place to shoot, in case it were to cave in)

(lots of climbing and decending the steep dusty slope. This can be done fashionably, as demonstrated by Angie's "strike-a-pose" technique.)

Model: Eurika
Photographer: April Lea
Styling: Raji Sohal / Angie Johnson
Norwegian Wood - Angie Johnson

Behind-the-scenes-photos-taker /dust-avoiding-outdoor-clothing-rack /intern: me

[sew] Pants for Class

In need of ironing. They have yet to be graded (in the scholastic-mark sense). I'm not a size ten, thus the belted and loose-isity of the garment. Also the flat butt, I could blame it on poorly sewn darts, but alas, its more a question of genetics im afraid.

[ ___ ]Jurassic Park

when Skyping with mi hermana, the buses passing by her house sound like dinosaurs from Jurassic Park. She didn't understand the why every 10 minutes an expression of uneasiness and caution crept over my face.