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[ __ ] just a few more days, I tell myself

Last post dating back from beginings-ish of school. I haven't really had the time, nor the energy (mainly the energy), to update this in the least. I'm just so glad I am close to the end (for this semester). I hate that I complain, its at the top of my unbecoming flaws, so Ill make it short:

Having been in school since July, I just need a few weeks to rest my brain. Just 3 more exams to go!

I haven't been making much out-of-school stuff recently.
This blouse I actually quite liked, but then had to take the yoke piece apart and switch it. The end result looked more like a nurse scrub, or a fast food chain uniform.

I'd rather remember it when it still had potential :)

oh the faded pink and the sickly pale skin tones. I really am I need of this recovery time -_-


[sew] The first projects from school

So trough the busy learning and messing up and re-trying s of school, I managed to spit out a few "garments" and numerous numerous patterns (many of which will never blossom into anything at all. just stuck, on paper).

Voici my skirt. Ive also made a plum coloured variation of it, this is just the muslin. May not seem like much, but its my first pattern ever!

(in need of ironing)

and I finished my blouse. Still feel a little nautious every time I look at the tropical punch fabric. The school gave me 5meters worth at the begining of the semester. Had to use it for something, non?


[people] NorwegianWood S/2011

Another photoshoot, this time for Norwegian Wood's Spring 2011 collection :)

Of course I'd love to give a sneak peak at the garments, but I can't. Designer's rules!

Instead, here are a few shots of what-we-crossed-through-to-get-to-the-location-we-ended-up-not-really-using. Cool place nonetheless:
click to enlarge ze pictures

"What? is that a Ninja Turtle snowboard?" you say

oh yes, yes it is.

[sew] sewing helper and antibiotics

School is a pain in the ass. Well more a pain in the back. Actually the back pain turned out to be something else, for which I got a 1 week perscription. Those pills are freakin' Huge! I can barely swallow an advil normally, these were quite intimidating in the begining. oh - but I digress.

So school. After sucking away all my money for tuition, and all the materials and books etc, I'm feeling pretty broke. Oh but don't worry, if I can't afford clothes I now can sew up a few rags. With princess seams and blind hems, it will look so much more "expensive".

The classes are good, I do feel I'm learning quite a lot. However, in a very very short amount of time (due to it being an intensive program). It's beaucoup of work, and it builds up, and overwhealming at times.

Spending my upcoming sunday at school, sewing and drafting. :|

But, on to happier stuff!

I got this lovely gift in the mail. Packages that come in the mail :) especially cool when they've been sent from HK.

I present to you : Fashionary

specs and more at fashionary.org


[sew] Crop-Top Monday

I have a bin lying around my room overflowing with clothes put aside for modifying. And I never get around to doiin any of that. Well today out came this yellow Palm tree sweater.

I tend to "design" (if you can even call it that), as I go. I also have the bad habit of not bothering to measure things half the time. That one will be problematic with school courses I'm sure.


Not overjoyed with the result. I just really like the bright yellow!


[ __ ] oh L'école!

Arn`t I too old to go back to school?
Feels like it's been years.
I start next week, so hopefully it will have sunken in by then, and I won't be wandering aimlessly around campus, meandering into random classrooms in my sedated state of summer-cant-be-over-yet mentality.

Most students only begin mid august, so for the most part the halls are empty and quiet. It turns out there are just a handful of other students taking the same particular program schedule as I, many less than I had expected.

As well as conflicting with my available work hours, much to my boss' un-amusement, I'll be switching courses in under a month. So quite a lot of changes. I'm not complaining. Well okay, yeah I seem to be. But really I shouldn't be. It's what I have wanted, so I'm gonna go for it.

This is quite the boring Blog post, I apologize.

Oh- I got my ID card! Looks fab-you-luss.. sorta.

It is a Big improvement over my Retired-con-woman with an underlying Stalker feel of my medicare card picture.

Or the On-the-verge-of-tears-orphan-child of my black&white passport photo.



[ __ ] Oww

Tell me, how does one get charred toast in their eye?
:( quite uncomfortable..


[eat] Strawberry picking!

Yup, you heard it right. Straaawwberriiies!
Maybe I am a little over enthusiastic, but whats better then picking your own strawberries from a field, and later picking at the mosquito bites you acquired from said fields (the price to pay..). Piled into the car with my maman and sister we drove maybe 20 minutes outside Montreal. My mom grew up in the country, with acres and acres of land. She filled up a basket in the time it took the other two city strung daughters to fill one(and poorly at that).

photos courtesy of stolen from sister's facebook.

She's in her element.

You can eat as many berries as you want while you're out there.. No surprise I went with the "one for the basket, one for me, one for the basket, one for me.." logic.

Half the batch made into jam.



[people] My friend's Yoyo skills

Vincent et le yoyo

Creative, talented, artistic friends. C'est comme ça que j'les aimes.

[ __ ] Mounds of Miscellaneous

mini-random post time:

Things to try and accomplish this summer:
-treat my feet nicely. Beginning of last September my feet and tosies looked like they had received a seasonal pass to BlisterWorld, and went religiously every single day of summer. I'll be more careful.

-eat better. (hahahaha, well I'll try)

-not be such a pain in the butt little sister (hahaha, ok no. that one was a joke. As-if. duh, that's my job)

-Try to reduce my anti-social-ness. I'm just bored with everyone these days. bad, bad me.

-Be a good student:
Yep that's right. I start school July 27th, as I'm in the intensive program. oh boy.

My mom got me a crazy amount of buttons and string from ValueVillage, along with some lace, zippers and other assorted thinggies.
I realise I'm the only one that gets excited bout these things. But just look at the colours! :)

Well I am off, to go have a picnic in the park with one of my Ashleys.

this bag was made in the Philippines out of recycled juice boxes!


[eat] Do you eat crap?

I don't think I eat thaaat badly,
but consumption improvement is definitely in order.

(consumption improvement ? who says that. No one does. Gosh I hope I'm not as weird in real life.)


[sew] few meters of fabric

I thought I really disliked paisley, now I'm not sure. Bought a very small amount of fabric today. One is for a top, the other for a summer jumpsuit/playsuit.