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Better pictures of the "flash flood"

Some better pictures depicting all the water on Tuesday. The store is pretty much at the bottom of a big slope. The accumulated water rose up, up, and up over the sidewalk by over half a foot, i'd say.

Soggy card board boxes didn't do much to block the water pouring in from under the door and the sides. Felt like a titanic scene (on a much much smaller scale).

Check the water level outside on this one ^ . whoa.
I'm aware this is nothing in comparison to what people face everyday all over the world. This is not a common sight in our city. Hence the "holy moly" my franco-coworker kept uttering.

And after the damage was assesed (one pair of pants and slippers didn't make it :C ), the remaining water was vacumed and mopped up. Most of it irrigated down into the basement. I don't want to go check on that anytime soon.

On the positive side, our floor never looked cleaner, and my flowers got all the water they could ask for!!

photos courtesy of Anna Maruska

no matter how much I calculate

the amount of spinach I cook, it always reduces to such a tiny amount!
oh well.

And this next sentence will probably make me sound like a, um, I don't know, a lame weirdo.  I got some colourful undergarments (undergarments? who says that? 1850s much?) just the other day. And since it is not deemed socially acceptable to run around showing your colourful patterned bra proudly to everyone you encounter on the street, I opted to wear a semi opaque top. That was my compromise.



stomach is upset :c


flower print, flowered hair, flower pot

Re potted some plants today. A delicate flower branch (branch?/stem?)broke off :c
The next logical step in that case was to stick in in my hair.. (man, what a hippie)

I think they turned out pretty okay!


Someone keeps trashing my room I tell you! or, ok, actually, I'm just not very tidy and I tend to throw my clothes across the floor when I search for something to wear.

Told myself I'd try and wear dresses this summer, so here is my effort:

..annnnd I also had dumplings.


Blue, Red, a Feather and some tunes.

Honnêtement, se rendre au travail une journée aussi ensoleillée et pleine de potentiel, c'est un peu difficile! Comment passer au dessus d'un tel fardeau inévitable? Porter des couleurs vives. Notamment le rouge (qui signifie la croissance et le soutiens ) avec le bleu (qui dégage un sentiment d'appartenance et de calme) ce qui a bien marcher pour moi (also was the first things at hand, so the whole colour meaning was just b.s. en passant).

De plus j'ai récemment trouver un sac pleins de bijoux qui s'était porté disparue depuis quelques années. Ce collier was purchased in a store/studio that worked primarely blown glass. With both a feather and zipper, how could I resist?

Moi qui essaye d'apprendre une nouvelle langue, je devrais mieux maîtriser le français tout dabords. Oui? nah.. j'me débrouille asser bien.. je pense.

Oh, Et mon lecteur Mp3 est arriver par la poste il y a deux deux jours. Enfin, de la musique pour inondée mon cerveau n'importe ou je me trouve.

Et la chanson qui me tourne dans la tête depuis ce matin:
(I know the season is completely wrong, but wtevs. just close your eyes or look away)


Bringing the Garden inside!

This summer I am planning on inundating my room with plants. I got a super fun/fresh/energetic looking plant (cannot recall the name) from my Maman, and a superb Cactus & plant/pebbles/earth bowl from lovely friends

Next up I need to go get little flowers to hang from a black clothing rack along my wall. Sounds not so great, but I shall post some pictures and you shall be impressed and charmed.

Similar to this:

Essentially, This would be THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING ever, but I am not sure I could pull it off. Peut-etre, on verra!

I remember these brought much Tranquility when I moved away and was in need of comforting familiarity.


Thats done...until next year.

Glad that day is over. I really don't like my birthday.
Which seems silly.

Wasn't always the case. I looved birthday parties when I was young. Always wore the fun dresses, streamers in the house, home made oreo or strawberry short cake in the shape of an animal or thematic. And now when it is anyone else's birthday I am ecstatic! So, much, fun.

Maybe it is due to a mix of conflicting feelings about growing older, and partly the (to me) misguided attention received. I mean why celebrate and congratulate on such a day, I didn't accomplish anything special or worthy of a fiesta. Maybe credit to my mom who gave birth, but other then that, seems uneventful. And it happened 22years ago people! move on.

But of course my warped sense of things only applies to me, as anyone else who's birthday comes around, I jump on the bandwagon and bring out the balloons, without the slightest critical or unjustifiable analyzed thought.


no longer in my Power

fully conscious that as I write this my reading base comprises of a total of two people, the occasional other one or two, and perhaps a lost browser. What am I even doiiiing?

Let this be a lesson to all of you young-ins, giving in to peer pressure is at times inevitable. Especially if they insist on giving you free food. You pretty much become like their slave. Slave make you think of having to wash other people's dishes and scrub the floors, or maybe row some boats with spatulas or something. But their sadism is on a whole other level. "Create content. We want to read." they remark, "You eat salad. Write stuff. We want to read." they chant. And when you think about fighting it, and escaping from their scrawl-demanding pressure, they taunt you with cute pictures of their cat. Its ridiculous, it's underwhelming, overwhelming. But the bottom line is the blog is resurfacing.

Don't judge. You'll see, one day, you will fall into the same trap. Those exploiters are everywhere. Perhaps you will have children, and they will demand love in return of eating your food. You lose double in that case. You just wait until you find seemingly nice people that encourage you and believe in your potential, and see how turning the cold shoulder and breaking free of the friendly embrace can be so so difficult.

Until then, you cannot judge me nor my past free meals.

Fash Show Audience Member

Fashion School Fashion Show.
A little bittersweet.
It looked great though!