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[ ]The 3 in 1 post

I love Grey. Grey grey e’ryday. So no surprise I like silver quite a bit aswell. Like grey except with the added allure of “slightly shinny”. There is most likely no need for me to explain the properties of such a “colour”/shade, as even if you happen to be colour blind, you’ve haven't been deprived of anything with silver, therefore I digress. The new two additions to my “jewelry box”:

A chain curtain from my mother, adorned with a little leaf (I like leaves as well..)

An ethereal-esque profile
encompassing wildlife and nature. So lovely. From a dear (deer?) friend.

Part II

The film Melancholia came to mind as I was brushing my hair today (useless information added). Film of such image-rich sustenance, nice for those who go to movies mainly for the visual. A plot you try and follow, turning to short dialogue and unspoken information to try and piece together why through such lovely scenery and seemingly joyful premises you sit with with a constant underlying feeling of dread. Until, well, the dread starts. Also quite distracting was the bust of Kirsten Dunst in her wedding dress throughout most of the film.

Part III

Also, in no connection with the two previous topics, I need to get a hold of myself. And start creating stuff, anything really, for others, for me, whatever it may be. Come sewings in piles, both success and trials. Thoughts scribbled down concrete, where ideas can meet. Whatever their tone, the happier the better. Creating every day, no matter the weather.. Whoa, sorry, I went all Dr. Seuss on you there.


[ __ ]Why weren't you there

Chilled at a new place tonight. The corniest lines were uttered, drank "Kool Aid", and a girl burnt her hair over an open flame.
Overall a good time.


[eat] Apple Pie

The best Apple pies are the ones that follow few rules or strict recipes. You grab a cook book, an awesome apron (*not optional!), and a few memories of the times you watched over a coworkers shoulder as they made pies and you ignored work responsibilities.. Got all that? Then you're all set! Apologies for the obnoxious titanium in the picture. I really need to downsize that thing.

Mine consisted of Spartan apples, Sour cream, Brown sugar, Cinnamon, Pie dough, and I made some crumble for the top.

Judging by facial expressions, my appetizers didn't impress. I guess the anticipation of the pie just distracted them from the cute-ily crafted entrées I had prepared.

Final result! It was sweet and apple-y and looked how a proper rustic home made pie should look.

Zero presentation points to whomever served it. What is that? A little mound of what?

Someone pass the vanilla icecream :)


Week 1 of school completed

Not a full week, but nevertheless.
I'll try my best to stick with it this time around.
Other than the few times I felt a little nauseous, I have a good feeling bout this returning.

It's worth another shot ? .