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At times like these, I'm glad I don't have predispositions of reckless drinking or anything self destructive to fall back on.

other than my thoughts perhaps


[eat] Spanakopitas

I rummaged through my fridge and pantry to no avail. Nothing interesting. result: made Spanakopitas. (Automatic spell check wanted me to change that to "Spanking". we'll save that for another post.. (kidding)).

First I had to use my (none existent) muscles to squeeze the water outta that Spinach. Chop up some parsley, mix with Feta, and throw in the garlic and sweated onions. ("sweating" refers to heating them in a pan until they become translucent, but not until golden).

Phyllo pastry comes in sheets. Layered about three of those (paper,egg wash,paper,egg wash, paper), and with a spoon scoop of filling, folded them up on themselves.

could have made a stop motion out of the last sequence of pictures

Out of the oven all yummy.

I think they turned out rather well.
And yet it didn't satiate me. greeeat. Now I have to figure out what I was craving, if it wasn't spinach and cheese and flaky envelopes.

Was pretty awful to someone in a dream just now. Gotta shake that feeling and go about my day.

some orange sweater

on an unfortunate girl with no curves