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[sew] few meters of fabric

I thought I really disliked paisley, now I'm not sure. Bought a very small amount of fabric today. One is for a top, the other for a summer jumpsuit/playsuit.


[eat] Grapes and Berries

in a blue bowl, to match the sky.

[ __ ] Empty lots and invitations lost in the mail..

Woke up this morning at the ripe hour of noon, and noticed my across-the-alley neighbors setting up for a party. I love parties. With colourful chairs and everything! I should really make friends with my neighbors, to be invited to above mentioned parties, and eat birthday cake.

Balloons are essential to successful festivities.

Also noticed our Bixi parking lot is dead empty today, due to great weather no doubt.

On a totally unrelated note (wasn't going to attempt to segway to new topic) I don't do the whole autoportrait thing. I scares me a little. I don't have thousands of myspace-mirror-style pics of myself on my hard drive, or fb albums flooded with just my face. I think it is in part because I don't want to look back on older photos and see I have aged over time, or something along those lines.Already I'm not too pleased about having turned 20, but uh well, I can't pout as "growing older is a privilege denied to many".


[people] Dem street artists.

Terry/Mr.Brainwash, I don't like the vibe I get from you (*on screen, that is). I am always attracted to talent, tend to crush on anyone with artistic skills, greatly admire people who can express themselves through their chosen medium. However with that being said, the reasons why you create, your motives, plays a huge part in it. I got the impression you are in it for the attention, the money, the hype, and essentially the recognition&title (which is fine, but as your #1 raison? really now?). and Banksy, well, who doesn't love you, no criticism here :)

[ __ ] sunny days 'n porcelain skin

Hot hot hot days it's been.

Not so sure my sunscreen did the trick, as after a complete application, turn over the bottle, expires: 2007. On verra! Essentially my new plan for the summer's, uh, skin-colouration-regime(?), is basically white. SPF shall protect my skin, and I won't be faced with the challenge of trying to match my legs to my shoulders to my nose (as I don't wear a bikini all day, therefor uneven tans). White isn't that bad right.. :/


I keep thinking I smell PuppyChow, even if we haven't had any in the house since Raccoonie-Patoonie and Pepper were around. I know j'ai un peu faim a l'instant, mais quand meme. Hope I'm not loosing my marbles!


[ __ ] Saeng jwi : the mouse

Back in the day at my country house I would run around catching toads and garden snakes with my bare hands. There is a video of me, no more than 7, calling myself the snake catcher as this little creature squirms around between my fingers. I was a pretty brave little kid (harmless snakes, but still).

About two weeks ago I saw a mouse run across the room as I was watching TV. Off to the kitchen I went to bate the humane-traps with some Humus (we were out of cheese!). Suddenly I see the little chap had followed me out of the living room, down the hall, and into the kitchen. I closed the door and cornered it, scooping it into a fruit bowl. He clung to my hand for a few seconds and I was worried he might try and bite me. But babies don't think of that as first defense.

Anywho, we kept him a week or so, until he fattened up and the weather got nicer. He wasn't very sociable, and I had a feeling we would never really hit it off.

JibMauseu got his freedom just the other day.

A reminder that not everyone I meet will want to be my friend.
Also left me questioning, where did my (naive&oblivious at times) courage go? Did it fade out as I got older? I could certainly use it every now and again.


[eat] Oh is she?..

For small crackers then.
groceries shoppin' today.


[sew] how a sewing machine works

edit: gotta click here to actually see motion

My machine has got a little clear window so I can see what exactly is going on with the needle and the little spoolie on the underside of the fabric. Actually, its probably so I can see how much thread I have left, as I go along. Either way, for someone who just accepted the stitching process as a magical sewing machine mystery, it's quite cool.

Wow, that is cool. Your life must be filled with other awesome happenings that constantly compete with discoveries such as these. I know. I lead a privileged life.

In other news; I'm finally officially registered for the Intensive Fashion Design Program! :)


[sew] Retirement of my old Machine

It may not look like much, but it served me well. Having only a simple straight stitch (with "special feature" being it could go in reverse), it's what let me get into sewing, and all the outputs of creations (and unwearable disastrous items as well)!

However came the time when the single stitch function either meant I had to do a lot more work to get to a final product, or simply didn't allow me to apply certain techniques (stretch, button holes, serged edges etc).

I got a new machine this past week. Super excited, and super motivated to make things! Ive been sewing daily (which hadn't been the case before). Hoping I can keep up the good habit and it isn't strictly due to the novelty of a new toy, followed by the danger of it wearing off.

Gotta say, OldStitcher was a pretty good looking. Nice colour, retro look, and sturdy (oh-so-heavy); whereas my new one looks part Beluga whale - part "Barbie`s My little sewing machine" due to the pink accents.

Don't get me wrong, I looove the new one.
Just a shame they didn't have it in lime green.

(above) Just a few of the oldmachines work


[people] NorwegianWood S/2010

Norwegian Wood most definitely brought the vibrant colours and bold prints 138% this time around. This weekends photoshoot arriving just as the warm season's breeze rolls in. As sure as the groundhog predicts the near-end of winter, Angie's collection lets us know that its time to bring the boxes of summer clothes down from the attic. If you haven't prematurely done so, as I have. In my defense it was done before the sudden stealth-mid-week snow attack!

We were faced with dark looming clouds overhead, that spat and attempted to pour on our defenceless selves and garments (no worries, everything was protected). Working around happy families with their dogs, and windy wardrobe changes, within 5 hrs the looks were shot, and the everyone in need of rest.

We encountered our fair share of amateur parkour pre-teens aswell.

The collection should be available within the up coming weeks on iheartnorwegianwood

Model: Joelle
Photographer: April Lea
Stylist: Raji Sohal
Norwegian Wood - Angie Johnson

Behind-the-scenes photos by me

[eat] Mes Macarons font pitié

Tried my hand at Macarons a few weeks back.
They don't quite look like their cousins
from Ladurée (Paris Macaron heaven),
but they did taste quite scrumptious nevertheless :)

This week's 새우 dumplings turned out admirably well ( most did not rip in half, spilling their insides across the plate, in a gruesome CSI crime scene manner), So perhaps I'm on a positive-cooking streak!