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..so what your saying is..

In that case, I'd better use them up!



Overall today was a pretty okay day. Gots another Meagan day tomorrow, coolz!

I've been feeling a little off lately, like my brain tries to take short breaks from functioning at normal speed, or my stomatch ties in knots.. But I can't seem to link it to any particularly stressful things going on. I just feel, I don't know, nervous? Gotta kick that out of the way!

And thus, taking form are the plans for this weekend's mini-escape (also as I have told myself I need to satiate this need to run away, without actually packing up and running away (like the last time..) ).

Oh right, there was something else..

We Have Got A CAT!! :D


Our friendly visitor

He/she/it was just flying about, looking a little distraught in the bear-themed display window today. I offer to help, to which he accepted and flew onto my hand. And then wouldn't let go. Just sort of hung on. Brought him outside even. Just clung on a little stronger (as strong as you could imagine a butterfly could grasp) when the wind blew and didn't go anywhere.

We walked it across the street to the flowers. and let him/her/it chill there.

Man, work is so full of eventful happenings, I swear. *sarcasm*



Peas, Carrots/Navet (whats that in English?), Potatoes, Leeks



[Apple Sauce]

Yesterday Morning was Apple Sauce making Day. A Roomie of mine had been in the kitchen frying up pancakes previous to my awakening, and the lovely aromas persuaded me to finally get around to the bag of apples in the pantry. Pulled out a bunch of ingredients and tools. Sorta eyeballing quantities and guessing appropriate materials and cooking procedures.

Basically I winged it.

-Mc Intosh apples (8)
-Water (about an Inch it the bottom of the pot)
-Sugar (the apples were sweet enough)
-Cinnamon (teaspoon)
-Vanilla (a splash of)

I didn't peel them after all. I mean, why strip away nutrients? Seems silly and careless. Plus would take time, and end up a waste (we haven't got composting here).

Armed with my "Ravenous" apron and my French Cafe music, the washing and chopping began.

Into the pot.. Simmering..

20 minutes plus tard..

Et voila!

and little jar for my lunch~

Listening to:


Not-So-great-things come in pairs

I shouldn't say pairs, as there are a whole buncha little things. Good and bad.

Good news; The money I thought was missing from the end of day cash, was actually there all along. Bad news; I had recounted about 3 times, calculated things over, for a good half hour, and still thought there was cash missing. My brain isn't what it used to be.

Bad news; I've lost my Mp3 player. I didn't even have it for all that long, but I do miss it terribly. Ive grown accustom to having it by my side, chillin' in my ear playing or not. And running ain't the same without it. I can now hear myself, breathing and what not. It's weird. Also running related,

Bad news: My left Hamstring. What are you doing?! My knee is all better but now you? *sigh*

The first part of work shift today went speedy, as time seems to advance rapidly when one is in good company. Can't say the same about the last 2 hrs on my lonesome. I just sat there and drooled over This. Which finally brings me to,

Bad news; I have found a jar of Nutella.
I am so screwed you have no idea. The spoon has already dived in. And self control seems to be eagerly trying to make an escape out the door.

So I have kindof decided not to think for a bit. The whole "What to do with your future", "What your next move" & "Here, why bother enjoying your summer when you can fret upon things that may or may not happen a whole bunch of months away from now".

But I do think about these things all the time. T'will be a challenge. I'll try a month. Obviously it will cross my mind, and I will surely at times catch myself thinking about finding a place to stay after September, or at what point I can afford to run away across the ocean, but I will make an effort to not dwell on all that stuff. At least not excessively. Its not healthy for me.

That's it for now.

And if you tend to ask me these questions, I'd appreciate the break :)

Applesauce making tomorrow. yesss.


Hair cutting

I was bored,
I cut my hair.

(the hair. It is long. hard to bear with during the summer months)

Thats usually how it goes.
But, BUT
This Time:

I stayed away from my bangs!!
I am so proud of my willpower in regards to that. :)

Perogies night


"Mom, can I borrow this? (and cut it up) "

A dress I had made a few years back. Cut up from a garment my mom had. Oh! That's one thing that is less great about not living at home, I cannot rummage through maman's closet for clothes. And with my sister having migrated across the ocean, there goes half the clothes I thought ("assumed", "pretended"?) were mine.
I really don't know what to say.
Picturepost are much easier, but I'm sure quite unexciting for anyone.

I should make a food one.

It's my day off, so I should probably buy food at this point (I've only been telling myself that for the past 3 weeks de toute manière..)


The shoes are dirty, the sun is right.

two days, 19hrs, Im sucha slow poke

But here it is :)


Tremblant weekend

Mont-Tremblant weekend. T'was fun.The weather was not at it's best but sufficed for strolls along the mini village paths. And the sun did make an apperance, and the bed was cozy. Ate lots of yummy food aswell.
Sorry, I don't seem to have the writing bug at the moment, so I'll leave it at that.

We did have a visitor stop by, originality gone awol, we named him Alvin.

Crossed tracks with a Five year old boy atop his fathers shoulders, glaring down, as I was wearing the same jacket as he.

Oh yes, the foood..!