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Urgh. Craving chocolate like it's nobodies business

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The Shirt

I have so much of the Tropical Vintage Surf What-have-you fabric left over.
Credit to my boss for the semi opaque back idea. Mesh would have been a bit more difficult to locate(purchase) and manage(sew), so I opted for a Chiffon.

*WARNING* If you DISLIKE bugs, I would recommend not clicking on the following pictures. This is a very ugly bug. 
It dropped down on me from the ceiling or overhead light as I was sewing. Neadless to say I freaked! The glass over 
the horror was not because I had the intention of re-locating it nicely outside out of kindness, but because I was 
not about to smush it into my fabric. It has been ingrained in my nature to move but not to kill spiders as they get
 rid of other pesky bugs, and ladybugs because I think people would frown upon it (they have a reputation of being 
lovely things, go figure.) , but these critters, I wouldn't be surprised if they take down small to medium sized 
birds mid-flight. Or try and provoke and eat your household cat. No mercy for them.



The finished product pictures are to come.


Chickens and Cow (by Anna)

There is no shortage of awesome moments to be had in this fabulous city. You never know what you will find when you step out your door. Last night I had an extra special treat... As my friend and I were heading out to the bar we stumbled across a mini-farm. Chickens and Cow! A hilarious photo shoot was a no-brainer. 

A very nice guy bought these cuties for his girlfriend when they were just chicks. Of course, all things grow, and a rooster crows (which his neighbours aren't too pleased about) so he is in the process of trying to find a real farm for his beloved pets. 

They were very cooperative during the shoot... Posing for photos, allowing me to handle them, and even trying to give me kisses (at least, I think they were kisses). 

I've been in a 'climbing things' phase, so of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to climb onto the cow with the chicken. Love this shot! Falling off the cow didn't hurt nearly as much as falling out of the tree did... 

Yet another Epic Evening! Love you Montreal :)

Anna thinks it's pretty beautiful

Remember that butterfly from the store? He was hanging out at the Korean restaurant some friends and I went to for lunch.
Yes, it was the same one. Most probably. peut-etre bien.

Fine. It was a different Monarch.
Oh well, friends in numbers :)

side note: The 해물파전 tasted quite woody. At first I thought I was just eating the chopsticks.



I'm sorry I have nothing else blog worthy at the moment. My broken blueberry pancake will have to hold you over. blue.


Lace Curtains and Foggy Images

My sister and her Mr., on the other side of the world


Trippy day

Today was such a tiring day. By the time 5:30 rolled around I had only finished half my shift. Luckly (luckly I guess?) there was much to do as a big order came in. My energy was pretty low, and I was not "all there" by the end of it. Thus nearing 9:00pm, then enevitable happened. I was headed to the stock room with a handful of hangers when I triped-on-the-step/ on-myslef/ just- fell-down. Of course there had to be a good seven or eight people in the store, and I went down with a thud and a Clank-clank of hangers.

If you've ever seen a cat fall off a book case, they just look confused a second or two, then walk off as if nothing happened, but you can tell their ego got dented. Or little kids that fall over just break out in tears, not so much because they hurt themselves but again, their wittle egos. I was slightly embarassed as two people asked me if I was okay or hurt myself, and glancing over at my boss, who happened to be looking in my direction, I scurried off to the hanger room. I don't think he saw me take the dive, so good thing.

Ugly bruise on the way is expected..



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