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[ __ ] ma journée, genre..

I wish I had the right content for a good, solid, wonderfully insightful and amusing post. Alas, I really don't. (nothing new). So just a random bunch of thoughts will have to do. But that's no fun to write, so I'll try and tie them together..somehow..maybe just with conjunctions.

"spark notes" version below. Trust me, you won't be missing any extra information.

After a long and decently productive day at werk, I got some not-so-fun news. The severity of which I can only measure as of Monday, but it isn't looking too good :( . Well not horrible, just inconveniant and disappointing. I had to navigate the metro system with large and pointy rulers, capable of taking someone's eye out with a sudden movement. Considering that, paired with my mood, it's a good thing no one approached me to be of annoyance. You know how metro people can be. I got home sleepy and proceeded to fall asleep as a direct result. With my contacts in. And so after having woken up, I feel as though they have been suction cupped to my eye. The lense and my eyeball have become one. That'll be fun to try and remove. sigh.

In other news, I've run into about 3 spiders today. On a totally unrelated note, I ate a lot of food, because sometimes I confuse sleepy with hungry (don't judge). So like left over rice, and strawberry-mango smoothie, and cheesewiz on crackers. Clearly I need my own cooking show. or perhaps a personalized dietary food pyramid. With rice being on the top. Oh- sorry about the tangents, I forgot you were reading this. Followed by the nap, resulted in some weird dream. The pointy rulers did make their appearance in it, as well as puppies. Now I'm drinking water, as if it were to erase the effects of a full belly.

Lastly, on my regrouping of thoughts; Hoping on a Greyhound and going to visit a friend for the weekend. With the possibility of seeing another friend as well. Should be fun. I'll make a post bout it if it ends up fantabulously exciting!

Point form
-got possibly shitty news today
-went on metro with dangerous drafting tools
-food and napped
-contact lens stuck to my eye
-spiders were encountered
-had a weird dream
-and off to neighboring province tomorrah .


[Weekend] your friday vs. my friday

What I imagine Your past Friday looked like:

What My past Friday consisted of:

Hell yeah, Finding Nemo

& smothies


[ __ ]

I'll be here, for a little while at least. Even if packing up and running away again is the most tempting thing ever (!)


[eat] Choco-Volcano