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mini-random post time:

Things to try and accomplish this summer:
-treat my feet nicely. Beginning of last September my feet and tosies looked like they had received a seasonal pass to BlisterWorld, and went religiously every single day of summer. I'll be more careful.

-eat better. (hahahaha, well I'll try)

-not be such a pain in the butt little sister (hahaha, ok no. that one was a joke. As-if. duh, that's my job)

-Try to reduce my anti-social-ness. I'm just bored with everyone these days. bad, bad me.

-Be a good student:
Yep that's right. I start school July 27th, as I'm in the intensive program. oh boy.

My mom got me a crazy amount of buttons and string from ValueVillage, along with some lace, zippers and other assorted thinggies.
I realise I'm the only one that gets excited bout these things. But just look at the colours! :)

Well I am off, to go have a picnic in the park with one of my Ashleys.

this bag was made in the Philippines out of recycled juice boxes!


Ashley said...

clearly it was with the wrong ashley:P but yay for new resolutions!

simple et chic said...

what a funny idea :)