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[ __ ] oh L'école!

Arn`t I too old to go back to school?
Feels like it's been years.
I start next week, so hopefully it will have sunken in by then, and I won't be wandering aimlessly around campus, meandering into random classrooms in my sedated state of summer-cant-be-over-yet mentality.

Most students only begin mid august, so for the most part the halls are empty and quiet. It turns out there are just a handful of other students taking the same particular program schedule as I, many less than I had expected.

As well as conflicting with my available work hours, much to my boss' un-amusement, I'll be switching courses in under a month. So quite a lot of changes. I'm not complaining. Well okay, yeah I seem to be. But really I shouldn't be. It's what I have wanted, so I'm gonna go for it.

This is quite the boring Blog post, I apologize.

Oh- I got my ID card! Looks fab-you-luss.. sorta.

It is a Big improvement over my Retired-con-woman with an underlying Stalker feel of my medicare card picture.

Or the On-the-verge-of-tears-orphan-child of my black&white passport photo.

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