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[ __ ] just a few more days, I tell myself

Last post dating back from beginings-ish of school. I haven't really had the time, nor the energy (mainly the energy), to update this in the least. I'm just so glad I am close to the end (for this semester). I hate that I complain, its at the top of my unbecoming flaws, so Ill make it short:

Having been in school since July, I just need a few weeks to rest my brain. Just 3 more exams to go!

I haven't been making much out-of-school stuff recently.
This blouse I actually quite liked, but then had to take the yoke piece apart and switch it. The end result looked more like a nurse scrub, or a fast food chain uniform.

I'd rather remember it when it still had potential :)

oh the faded pink and the sickly pale skin tones. I really am I need of this recovery time -_-

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