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[eat] Apple Pie

The best Apple pies are the ones that follow few rules or strict recipes. You grab a cook book, an awesome apron (*not optional!), and a few memories of the times you watched over a coworkers shoulder as they made pies and you ignored work responsibilities.. Got all that? Then you're all set! Apologies for the obnoxious titanium in the picture. I really need to downsize that thing.

Mine consisted of Spartan apples, Sour cream, Brown sugar, Cinnamon, Pie dough, and I made some crumble for the top.

Judging by facial expressions, my appetizers didn't impress. I guess the anticipation of the pie just distracted them from the cute-ily crafted entrées I had prepared.

Final result! It was sweet and apple-y and looked how a proper rustic home made pie should look.

Zero presentation points to whomever served it. What is that? A little mound of what?

Someone pass the vanilla icecream :)

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