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how's it going?

Well that was a fairly trying shift. One of the long ones, with my coworker leaving 2 hrs in, due to the flu. But being on my own kept me busy and I had no room for sulking and feeling all lost and overwhelmed with life. So in the end it gave me a bit of a break!

Looking for a new place to call home. Working on landing a pretty nice (but tiny) apt this weekend. Lets hope it work s out :)

Its about the third time a customer at work asks if it is my boutique. Do I look like a young owner? That's pretty rad. I should just start answering "Yes" to people.

I haven't got much more news I'm afraid. I lead a mundayne-leaning-on-boring life presentement.

Had breakfast last Friday with the peeps from work. Those lovely ladies. French toast and fruit, can't go wrong with that. Perhapsies one day morning, I will make french toast for you. Why you would be over at such a time is at your discretion, and we can discuss the matter later if you would like.

The apartment has an Island counter. pretty nice pretty nice (don't get your hopes up, don't get your hopes up Avril)

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