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[Apple Sauce]

Yesterday Morning was Apple Sauce making Day. A Roomie of mine had been in the kitchen frying up pancakes previous to my awakening, and the lovely aromas persuaded me to finally get around to the bag of apples in the pantry. Pulled out a bunch of ingredients and tools. Sorta eyeballing quantities and guessing appropriate materials and cooking procedures.

Basically I winged it.

-Mc Intosh apples (8)
-Water (about an Inch it the bottom of the pot)
-Sugar (the apples were sweet enough)
-Cinnamon (teaspoon)
-Vanilla (a splash of)

I didn't peel them after all. I mean, why strip away nutrients? Seems silly and careless. Plus would take time, and end up a waste (we haven't got composting here).

Armed with my "Ravenous" apron and my French Cafe music, the washing and chopping began.

Into the pot.. Simmering..

20 minutes plus tard..

Et voila!

and little jar for my lunch~

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