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Not-So-great-things come in pairs

I shouldn't say pairs, as there are a whole buncha little things. Good and bad.

Good news; The money I thought was missing from the end of day cash, was actually there all along. Bad news; I had recounted about 3 times, calculated things over, for a good half hour, and still thought there was cash missing. My brain isn't what it used to be.

Bad news; I've lost my Mp3 player. I didn't even have it for all that long, but I do miss it terribly. Ive grown accustom to having it by my side, chillin' in my ear playing or not. And running ain't the same without it. I can now hear myself, breathing and what not. It's weird. Also running related,

Bad news: My left Hamstring. What are you doing?! My knee is all better but now you? *sigh*

The first part of work shift today went speedy, as time seems to advance rapidly when one is in good company. Can't say the same about the last 2 hrs on my lonesome. I just sat there and drooled over This. Which finally brings me to,

Bad news; I have found a jar of Nutella.
I am so screwed you have no idea. The spoon has already dived in. And self control seems to be eagerly trying to make an escape out the door.

1 comment:

Meagan said...

you're the best company :$
so shtappp it.

AND ENJOY YOUR NUTELLA!! just another thing you didn't share with me... no biggie