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The Shirt

I have so much of the Tropical Vintage Surf What-have-you fabric left over.
Credit to my boss for the semi opaque back idea. Mesh would have been a bit more difficult to locate(purchase) and manage(sew), so I opted for a Chiffon.

*WARNING* If you DISLIKE bugs, I would recommend not clicking on the following pictures. This is a very ugly bug. 
It dropped down on me from the ceiling or overhead light as I was sewing. Neadless to say I freaked! The glass over 
the horror was not because I had the intention of re-locating it nicely outside out of kindness, but because I was 
not about to smush it into my fabric. It has been ingrained in my nature to move but not to kill spiders as they get
 rid of other pesky bugs, and ladybugs because I think people would frown upon it (they have a reputation of being 
lovely things, go figure.) , but these critters, I wouldn't be surprised if they take down small to medium sized 
birds mid-flight. Or try and provoke and eat your household cat. No mercy for them.



The finished product pictures are to come.

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