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Chickens and Cow (by Anna)

There is no shortage of awesome moments to be had in this fabulous city. You never know what you will find when you step out your door. Last night I had an extra special treat... As my friend and I were heading out to the bar we stumbled across a mini-farm. Chickens and Cow! A hilarious photo shoot was a no-brainer. 

A very nice guy bought these cuties for his girlfriend when they were just chicks. Of course, all things grow, and a rooster crows (which his neighbours aren't too pleased about) so he is in the process of trying to find a real farm for his beloved pets. 

They were very cooperative during the shoot... Posing for photos, allowing me to handle them, and even trying to give me kisses (at least, I think they were kisses). 

I've been in a 'climbing things' phase, so of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to climb onto the cow with the chicken. Love this shot! Falling off the cow didn't hurt nearly as much as falling out of the tree did... 

Yet another Epic Evening! Love you Montreal :)

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Anonymous said...

never a dull moment in anna's life. she's living to the fullest :)