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[ __ ] Saeng jwi : the mouse

Back in the day at my country house I would run around catching toads and garden snakes with my bare hands. There is a video of me, no more than 7, calling myself the snake catcher as this little creature squirms around between my fingers. I was a pretty brave little kid (harmless snakes, but still).

About two weeks ago I saw a mouse run across the room as I was watching TV. Off to the kitchen I went to bate the humane-traps with some Humus (we were out of cheese!). Suddenly I see the little chap had followed me out of the living room, down the hall, and into the kitchen. I closed the door and cornered it, scooping it into a fruit bowl. He clung to my hand for a few seconds and I was worried he might try and bite me. But babies don't think of that as first defense.

Anywho, we kept him a week or so, until he fattened up and the weather got nicer. He wasn't very sociable, and I had a feeling we would never really hit it off.

JibMauseu got his freedom just the other day.

A reminder that not everyone I meet will want to be my friend.
Also left me questioning, where did my (naive&oblivious at times) courage go? Did it fade out as I got older? I could certainly use it every now and again.

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