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[people] NorwegianWood S/2010

Norwegian Wood most definitely brought the vibrant colours and bold prints 138% this time around. This weekends photoshoot arriving just as the warm season's breeze rolls in. As sure as the groundhog predicts the near-end of winter, Angie's collection lets us know that its time to bring the boxes of summer clothes down from the attic. If you haven't prematurely done so, as I have. In my defense it was done before the sudden stealth-mid-week snow attack!

We were faced with dark looming clouds overhead, that spat and attempted to pour on our defenceless selves and garments (no worries, everything was protected). Working around happy families with their dogs, and windy wardrobe changes, within 5 hrs the looks were shot, and the everyone in need of rest.

We encountered our fair share of amateur parkour pre-teens aswell.

The collection should be available within the up coming weeks on iheartnorwegianwood

Model: Joelle
Photographer: April Lea
Stylist: Raji Sohal
Norwegian Wood - Angie Johnson

Behind-the-scenes photos by me

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