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[ __ ] Empty lots and invitations lost in the mail..

Woke up this morning at the ripe hour of noon, and noticed my across-the-alley neighbors setting up for a party. I love parties. With colourful chairs and everything! I should really make friends with my neighbors, to be invited to above mentioned parties, and eat birthday cake.

Balloons are essential to successful festivities.

Also noticed our Bixi parking lot is dead empty today, due to great weather no doubt.

On a totally unrelated note (wasn't going to attempt to segway to new topic) I don't do the whole autoportrait thing. I scares me a little. I don't have thousands of myspace-mirror-style pics of myself on my hard drive, or fb albums flooded with just my face. I think it is in part because I don't want to look back on older photos and see I have aged over time, or something along those lines.Already I'm not too pleased about having turned 20, but uh well, I can't pout as "growing older is a privilege denied to many".

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