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Thats done...until next year.

Glad that day is over. I really don't like my birthday.
Which seems silly.

Wasn't always the case. I looved birthday parties when I was young. Always wore the fun dresses, streamers in the house, home made oreo or strawberry short cake in the shape of an animal or thematic. And now when it is anyone else's birthday I am ecstatic! So, much, fun.

Maybe it is due to a mix of conflicting feelings about growing older, and partly the (to me) misguided attention received. I mean why celebrate and congratulate on such a day, I didn't accomplish anything special or worthy of a fiesta. Maybe credit to my mom who gave birth, but other then that, seems uneventful. And it happened 22years ago people! move on.

But of course my warped sense of things only applies to me, as anyone else who's birthday comes around, I jump on the bandwagon and bring out the balloons, without the slightest critical or unjustifiable analyzed thought.