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Better pictures of the "flash flood"

Some better pictures depicting all the water on Tuesday. The store is pretty much at the bottom of a big slope. The accumulated water rose up, up, and up over the sidewalk by over half a foot, i'd say.

Soggy card board boxes didn't do much to block the water pouring in from under the door and the sides. Felt like a titanic scene (on a much much smaller scale).

Check the water level outside on this one ^ . whoa.
I'm aware this is nothing in comparison to what people face everyday all over the world. This is not a common sight in our city. Hence the "holy moly" my franco-coworker kept uttering.

And after the damage was assesed (one pair of pants and slippers didn't make it :C ), the remaining water was vacumed and mopped up. Most of it irrigated down into the basement. I don't want to go check on that anytime soon.

On the positive side, our floor never looked cleaner, and my flowers got all the water they could ask for!!

photos courtesy of Anna Maruska

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